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PTZ camera

This dual-lens camera allows you to monitor every corner of the property when you access your mobilrephone anywhere in this world, and protects your home intelligently and safely. It is wire-free design so you can palce it anywhere, it also has a lot of powrful functions. If you are interested in this product, come and have a try, it will not let you down.


Dual Cameras: The wide-angle camera can analyzes and positioning, the PTZ camera will automatically track and zoom, the dual cameras can view and control two displays at same time.

Three Installation Modes: There are three different installation modes for various scenarios: integrated installation, separated ceiling mounted installation and sepatated wall mounted installation.

Dual-lights Night Vision: The built-in infrared LEDS and spotlights allow you to clearly see objects in color at night, spotlights alarm to deter intruders.

When a moving object passes by, it can be triggered to take the photo and video in 0.25 seconds and push it to the APP (Niview).

Optical Zoom: It can monitoring far and near details. High resolution lens combined with telephoto lens, which can achieve zoom, it is suitable for residential, parking, supermarket and other scenes, taking into global monitoring and important area

PTZ camera PTZ camera PTZ camera

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