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Design version:Wireless V5.3+BR+ EDR+BLE

Support mode: a2dp\avctp\avdtp\avrcp\hfp\spp\smp\att\gap\gatt\rfcomm\sdp\I2capprofile

Sensitivity: -90dBm

Signal distance: ≥10 meters (without any large obstaclesIn an ideal environment)

Nominal Voltage:3.7V


Play time: about 3 hours

Talk time: about 3 hours

Standby time: about 80 hours

Charging time: charge the charging box for about 2 hours, give Charge the headset for about 1 hour

Number of times the charging box charges the headset: 6 times for a single headset

Functional operating instructions1. power on:

Take the earphone out of the charging box and turn it on automatically; Auricular organ shape State, press and hold the earphone multi-function button for 2 seconds to power on.

2. Shut down:

Long press the multi-functional button of the earphone for about 5 seconds to turn off the earphone.Or put it in the charging bin to turn it off automatically, and the red indicator light of the earphone is always on.

3. Start up and connect back:

After the earphone is taken out of the charging bin, it will be automatically turned on and connected back, and automatically connected back to the mobile phone.

4. Pause/Play:

When the music is waiting to be played, press the left/right button of the earphone cyclically to play/pause the music.

5. Switch songs/volume up and down/enable Siri:

· When the music is playing, quickly triple-click the left/right earphone button to switch to the previous/next song

· Double-click the left/right button of the headset to increase or decrease the volume

· Press and hold the left/right button of the headset for 2 seconds to enable Siri function

6. Answer/refuse/hang up the call:

When the mobile phone calls, press the left/right button of the headset briefly to answer the phone.

7. Hang up the call:

During a call, press the left/right button of the headset briefly to hang up the call.

8. Refuse the call:

When the mobile phone calls, press the left/right button of the headset for 2 seconds to refuse to answer the call.

9. Low power prompt:

When the battery of headset is low, the low battery prompt tone will be played every few seconds , and the headset will be turned off when the battery is too low.

Pairing operation:

Turn it off, and press the left and right earphone button for 2 seconds to turn it on. When it is found that there is no light flashing while the red and blue lights flash alternately, it means that the earphone pairing is successful. On the mobile phone, check and search the corresponding earphone name, and click the earphone name to successfully pair with the mobile phone.


1. Put the headset into the charging bin, and the headset will automatically charge and the red prompt light will stay on. When the headset is fully charged, the red prompt light will go out

2. Connect one end of data to 5V power adapter. The charging box can be charged by connecting the port at the other end, and the current charging box power status is displayed in the middle of the display screen.

Matters needing attention

1.Please charge in a safe environment before charging the charging bin. When the battery is fully charged, please put the charging bin disconnect from the charging cable, so as not to damage the charging bin If charging it for a long time

2. When playing music, please adjust the music to the appropriate volume Size, so as to avoid long-term listening in the state of high volume Into influence.

3. Try to avoid using this earphone in places with interference sources.Otherwise, it may affect the earphone signal.

4. Please use this earphone under its working range(10meters), and the effect would be better if there is no obstacle between the connected device

5.Use this wireless earphone to connect any device with wireless function

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