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033A1 Wireless Microphone

Microphone Specification

Frequency:2.4 GHz

Full voltage/ Low battery power off voltage:4.17V/ 3.2V

Power on current:10mA-10.8mA

Searching current:8.2mA-11.5mA

Charging current:≤152mA

Working current :10.3mA-12.5mA

Power off current:6.3uA

Charging time:≤55min

Working time:7 H

Battery (1254) :Capacity 70mAh (button cell )

Weight :1.8 g

Mic Type:Digital Mic

Sensitivity:-26 dBFS

S/N ratio:64 dB(A)

Frequency range :20-20KHZ


Transmission latency:15ms

Indicator light :Red/Green/Blue

How to charge :Put it into charging case

Unit weight :8.2 g

Unit size:47.1*15.04*15.61mm

Microphone UI

Power on: Open the cover of charging case:Green light flashes quickly twice and then flashes slowly

Power off:Put it into charging case and close the cover of charging case

Clear pairing:Press the reset pinhole key twice quicky -Green light flashes quickly

Searching for pairing:Green light flashes quickly for the first time, and then flashes slowly once paired

Paired:Green light keeps on

Low battery alarm battery is 20%-Connected: blue light flashes quickly

Disconnect: blue light flashes slowly

Lightning Receiver UI

Power on Plug in device:Green lights quickly twice

Power off:Plug off device

Searching for pairing:Green light flashes slowly

Paired:Green light keeps on

Clear pairing:Press the reset pinhole key twice quicky-Green light flashes quickly

Lightning Receiver Specification

Frequency :2.4GHz

Searching current:30mA-63.5mA

Power on current:33.5mA-34mA

Working current:53.6mA-55.5mA

How to charge:Plug in device

Indicator light :Green

Unit weight:4.5g

Unit size:47.5*13.47*7.95mm

Charging Case Specification

Battery(802030):Type Polymer lithium-ion

Capacity:450 mAh

Weight :9.3g

Temperature control protection: 45°

Charging current : ≤365mA

Charging time :≤120min

Standby current :24uA

Working current :≤230mA

Full voltage :4.17V

Low battery dormant voltage:<3.3V

Input charging port :Type C

Output charing port :copper contact

Indicator light of charging case:Red/Green/Blue

Input voltage of charging case :DC 4.8~5.4V

Output voltage of charging case :DC 4.7~5.4V

Recharging times for Microphone :4 times

Weight (exclude microphone and receiver):54.5g

033A1 Wireless Microphone 033A1 Wireless Microphone 033A1 Wireless Microphone

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