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Why make your factory smart?

Smart manufacturing is the digital strategy that encompasses the entire manufacturing process, from PCB design and factory floor optimization to enhancing the flow of materials between warehouse and shop floor to incorporating customer feedback data to help you plan new designs. Whether you have one plant location or multiple sites in a global enterprise, smart manufacturing makes it all work flawlessly together, from design t production, driving higher efficiencies throughout the manufacturing process We leverage our sustainable supply chain network, domain expertise, scale, and talented employees to fulfill your manufacturing requirements, regardless of complexity, region, or market And we deliver maximum value with disciplined execution to ensure the highest quality and efficiency. Together we can create products that improve the worl You have unique manufacturing requirements, and we have the flexible, fast, and resilient models to help you achieve your manufacturing and business goals. Explore the capabilities we offer to ensure success through all stages of the product lifecycle.


Shenzhen TengYu Interaction manufacturing has many challenges: supply chain uncertainty, longer lead times, and the increasing costs of materials and components that change by the minute. There are also constant staffing fluctuations, resource constraints, and the high price of energy. On top of all these problems, manufacturers also manage the complexity of global manufacturing with multiple capabilities, partners, and suppliers while delivering a high mix of customized products. They must balance it all while managing quality vs. yield and planning for future production needs.



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